Teaching Philosophy

As a voice teacher, my purpose above all is to unlock a student’s true musical potential.  I have found each student has his or her own method of learning, whether that is visual, aural, kinesthetic, or analytical. In a private voice lesson, the student’s preferred method of learning quickly becomes apparent, and I tailor each lesson to that specific student.  I do not believe in trying to make or force a particular sound with any student.  If proper technique is instilled in the student’s singing the voice will go in the direction it is meant with freedom and ease.  My goal as teacher is to guide the student along their journey of self-discovery. 


The core of my teaching is grounded in proper breath support.  My motto is “if you can feel it you can repeat it”.  What I mean by this is when a student experiences the unique sensation of using the breath efficiently or producing sound without tension a light bulb turns on and they now have a better chance of continuing proper technique.  In order to help students feel these sensations in the body that are necessary for singing I use various physical exercises to help create more body awareness.  For singers our instrument is our body, and everyone’s body is uniquely their own. For this reason I may have a student singing back against a wall to improve posture or lying back against the floor with myself pressing their abdomen to help them feel the power of the breath.  While studying in Chicago, I had the pleasure of participating and observing many master classes with world-class opera singers and vocal pedagogues.  From these experiences and my own training I have developed a creative and holistic teaching style rooted in the classic tradition.

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